UPDATES: February 11. 2020: WEEKLY UPDATES February 11, 2020

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UPDATES: February 11. 2020: WEEKLY UPDATES February 11, 2020

Blythe Klipple


February 11, 2020

Turning Off Not Orderable Email Notifications

When an item’s inventory status changes to Not Orderable, we have provided demonstrators with the option to be notified via email when inventory is back in stock. Unfortunately, we have identified the following issues with this service:

  • Emails sent after an item’s inventory has been replenished—and subsequently depleted.
  • Emails sent with incorrect content.
  • Emails not sent at all.
  • Etc.

Because of these issues, we have decided to turn off our Not Orderable email notification service until we have developed a better, more reliable solution. We will turn off the Not Orderable email notification service on February 12.

Paper Pumpkin March 2020: No Matter the Weather

Cheers to seven years! This March, Paper Pumpkin has reached another exciting milestone: our seventh year of delivering fun, easy, creative projects to you and your customers. To thank everyone who has helped us along the way, we are including an additional FREE stamp set with every March kit. This means that in March, every subscriber will receive two stamp sets! Tell your customers not to miss this special offer. Find out more on the promotion page.

Remember the Painted Poppies Sales Challenge Ends February 15

Have you been planning or holding some Painted Poppies product-based classes? We want to remind you that the Painted Poppies Sales Challenge ends soon: 

Sell four or more Painted Poppies Stamp Sets between November 16, 2019, and February 15, 2020, and earn a free stamp set from the 2020–2021 Annual Catalog!

If you achieve the challenge, watch for an email from us in March about redeeming your free Comfort & Hope Stamp Set. Learn more about the challenge here.

Previously Announced

To review last week’s updates, click here.

Recruiting Policy Reminder

Did you know Sale-A-Bration is the biggest recruiting time of the entire year? Now that we are mid-way through Sale-A-Bration, we thought we’d share a reminder about some of our recruiting policies. Please review the information below. If you have additional questions, please refer to the full Recruiting Policy in the Demonstrator Policies Document

  • Demonstrators may not disguise a recruiting offer as a prize or award.
  • Demonstrators must only sign up new recruits who have expressed an intention to participate in the Stampin’ Up! experience.
  • Demonstrators may not sign up their spouse as a member of their team, nor may that spouse be a member of anyone else’s team. 
  • Demonstrators should not encourage active demonstrators to drop and rejoin to avoid minimums, to capitalize on recruiting offers, or for any potential benefits for the team leader. Demonstrators may not discount the Starter Kit below the price that Stampin' Up! is currently offering. Additionally, demonstrators may not offer rebates or add additional Stampin' Up! products as an incentive for purchasing the Starter Kit.
  • New recruits must purchase the Starter Kit themselves, and an active demonstrator may not purchase it for them.
  • Demonstrators may not enter their payment information in a new recruit’s Payment Profile. The new team member must enter their own payment information in their Payment Profile. Abiding by this guideline protects both parties from any possible fraud, identity theft, or tax liability issues. Payment information includes any credit card, direct deposit, and checking account information. If the new recruit is unable to provide direct deposit, credit card, or checking account information, they should contact Demonstrator Support.
  • Demonstrators may not enter their own contact information in their recruit’s profile. The recruit should provide accurate contact information (including their own email, address, and phone number) in their profile. If the recruit is unable to provide contact information when they are signing up, such as an email address, they should contact Demonstrator Support in order to sign up.
  • Demonstrators must be truthful and not misleading in presenting products, promotions, and opportunities, and should avoid any false or exaggerated claims regarding potential income for new recruits.

Recruiting new demonstrators is a vital part of growing a Stampin’ Up! business. It is important that each demonstrator uphold the principle of integrity in their recruiting practices as failing to do so will ultimately reflect poorly on the demonstrator and undermine the intent of Stampin’ Up!’s Statement of the Heart.

This Week’s Succeed Weekly

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Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator