UPDATES: April 4, 2018: Counterfeit Stampin' Up! Products

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UPDATES: April 4, 2018: Counterfeit Stampin' Up! Products

Blythe Klipple


We are very aware of the counterfeit Stampin’ Up! products that have been appearing on sites like AliExpress, Wish, and eBay. Our corporate counsel has been working diligently to protect not only the Stampin’ Up! corporation, but also all of your businesses, from these fraudulent and inferior products.

Yesterday, Stampin’ Up! filed a copyright infringement lawsuit in the US Federal District Court of Utah against Alibaba.com Hong Kong Ltd., the operator of the AliExpress e-commerce platform; this is an aggressive effort to stop the sale of counterfeit Stampin’ Up! products on AliExpress by merchants who appear to be based in China. US law requires Alibaba.com to remove forged and counterfeit products from AliExpress once it has been notified that such products are being offered for sale. We previously tried to stop the sale of these products by going through Alibaba.com’s purported reporting channels without success; the purpose of this lawsuit is to obtain the assistance of the US federal courts to compel Alibaba.com to comply with their legal obligations. A lawsuit is not our first preference; however, given the severity of the problem, it is our best option at this point.

We are committed to ensuring all of Stampin’ Up!’s art and intellectual property—and by extension, each of your businesses—are protected. We have taken additional steps on our end to make copying our artwork more difficult, and we will continue to take whatever legal action is necessary in order to shut down forgers and counterfeiters.

If your customers ask you questions about counterfeit Stampin’ Up! products, remind them that while it may be tempting to buy these products because of their cheap price, they’re cheap for a reason: Not only are they illegal, but they are highly inferior to Stampin’ Up!’s quality. They will not produce the top-quality results your customers have become accustomed to while using true Stampin’ Up! products.

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator