UPDATES: April 24, 2017: Eastern Palace Suite Mini Tassels

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UPDATES: April 24, 2017: Eastern Palace Suite Mini Tassels

Blythe Klipple

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Eastern Palace Suite Mini Tassels

The Eastern Palace Suite Early Release Preorder is going so well (thank you for your excitement!) that we’re getting concerned about our inventory of Mini Tassels Assortments. In order to do everything we can to have inventory of the Mini Tassels for your customers when they begin ordering on May 1, we are making the single-item Mini Tassels Assortment (item 144154) unorderable for the remainder of the preorder period.

As a reminder: The Mini Tassels will still be available as part of the Premier Bundle both during the preorder and the customer go-live.

Even with our efforts to preserve our Mini Tassels inventory, there is a possibility that they will go on backorder soon after the promotion begins on May 1. Keep in mind: Even if the Mini Tassels are on backorder, your customers will still receive everything else in the bundle, and the Mini Tassels will be sent separately. So if you’re planning any Eastern Palace classes in early May, you may need to let your customers know their Mini Tassels will arrive after your class.

A new shipment of Mini Tassels is arriving mid-May. We will post a new announcement as we obtain more information.

Learn more about the Eastern Palace Suite Early Release here.

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator