UPDATES: April 16, 2019: Weekly Updates

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UPDATES: April 16, 2019: Weekly Updates

Blythe Klipple


April 16, 2019

Annual Catalog Preorder Coming Soon!

On May 2, 2019, the 2019–2020 annual catalog preorder period begins! If you haven’t already, head over to the Catalogs page, and check out the PDF of the new catalog. This is your chance to take advantage of early, demonstrator-only access to these new products and get a head start on planning your June events.

You can find all the dates and details on the Catalog Details page.

Connect with Us and Each Other at OnStage

We had such a great time connecting with many of you at OnStage Live in Auckland and Local locations throughout the world. What a treat! At OnStage last week, we announced the locations for OnStage in November.

Check them out here

Then start making plans to join us in November because we want to see your face. And so do your demonstrator friends—even the ones you haven’t met yet! We’ll have more information about each location on July 23, so be sure to check back then.

OnStage OnLine Available Later this Week

Be sure to check out our highlight video and OnStage OnLine videos beginning Thursday, April 18 at 1:00 PM (MT)! If you weren’t able to make it to an OnStage event, OnStage OnLine lets you enjoy content that was shared at the in-person events. If you went to a Live or Local event you can watch and relive the excitement—and even better, do it with your team!

Promote the Hugs from Shelli Kit 

If you haven’t yet started promoting the Hugs from Shelli kit from Paper Pumpkin, don’t let another day go by! Check the promotion page for details on how you can reach new, existing, and returning customers, then contact your friends and neighbors right away. They will not want to miss this elegant, special edition kit which is brimming with springtime details that everyone’s going to love. Tell them to subscribe by May 10!

This Week’s Succeed Weekly

If you missed it in your inbox, take a look at this week’s Succeed Weekly email here!

Announcements Shared at OnStage

OnStage is always full of announcements. Here’s a recap of things you need to know. 

Everything Is Rosy Product Medley

We’re excited to launch a new product type called a product medley. Product medleys are new to Stampin’ Up!, and they’re filled to the brim with cute, coordinating products. We’ve designed the Everything Is Rosy Product Medley to provide you and your avid customers with endless creative possibilities. Visit the Everything Is Rosy landing page for all the details. 

Online Ordering

We ran our beta tests for the updated online store in the US during January and February. We learned a lot from the feedback—so much that it’s given us cause to reevaluate the project’s development and timelines. We are committed to providing you with a great online shopping experience shaped by the needs of you and your customers. We still plan to launch the new online store in the United Kingdom first, and we’ll update you on timing when we know more.

Demonstrator Business Web Services

In addition to updating the online store, we’re also working on an improved DBWS solution. We’re happy to announce that we’ll have something new to roll out in English within the next six weeks for all markets except Quebec and Japan. Our Quebec market has never had access to DBWS, so we’re looking forward to offering this new tool. However, because DBWS is tied to the online store—and Quebec has not had that either—the new DBWS tool will not be available until the Quebec online store launches. German, European French, and Japanese versions of the new DBWS tool will roll out before the end of the year.

Changes to Events

Based on feedback from demonstrators, we’ve looked at our event strategy and are making some exciting changes. Next April, we will hold a number of smaller events in each Demonstrator Development Manager’s (DDM) area instead of OnStage live and locals as you know them. This will bring events closer to you! We have also heard you regarding an event for leaders. So in August or September of 2020, we will hold a leader event for demonstrators titled silver elite or above. We are in the early planning stages and will share more information with you regarding both event types within the next several months. 

Beginner Brochure

With the launch of the new annual catalog, we will also provide you with a tool to help you reach beginner customers: a beginner brochure. We recently tested a small version of the beginner brochure in North America (English-only), and we’re excited to offer a new version globally. The brochure includes products and project ideas perfect for beginners, and is a simple tool intended to make sharing even easier. Watch for an OnStage Online video about the brochure later this week. PDFs and all the details will post on the demonstrator website on May 28.

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator