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This Week's Featured Member is......

Linda Willimer

..................Tanya Stottlemire from Coshocton, Ohio.

Tanya told me all about her family and her Stampin’ Up! life

“I have been married for a little over 20 years now. We have 4 kids who keep me going all the time. Sometimes in different directions at what seems like the same time! One started kindergarten this year while I am only a few weeks away from my oldest graduating. I have been a demo now for almost 2 years but have been papercrafting for 18. I started scrapbooking when I had my first child. I love traditional scrapbooking but hate the time it takes for me to finish a page. So a couple years ago I switched over to project life scrapbooking because although my daughter was now 6, I only had about 5 complete pages in her album. Now I can scrapbook the everyday things that happen in our life and not just the nice pictures that I used to scrap. I am very excited that SU is now offering Project Life because I have been dying to have some items to sell my customers. I get very little time lately to actually stamp or scrapbook so I am really glad to have things to help me maximize that time. I also try to blog at least a few times a week but it doesn't always happen. My blog is and I can always use suggestions for improvements!”

I asked Tanya how often and in what ways she communicates with her customers…..

“I send out multiple emails each month if new things come out, as well as class reminders for the month and I try to post on facebook, twitter and my blog often as well so that they can know what is going on. I don't want to send too many emails out each month but with new things out all the time some months tend to have more than others”.

And what types of classes or events have been successful for her…..

“I hold classes at my house every month. My classes are normally 3-4 cards for $5. I know everyone says that is too cheap but we live in a very small town and most of the people are unemployed/underemployed so to get any interest they have to be cheap enough they can afford to come with their limited budget. I don't have a lot of customers but the ones I do have I am so grateful to have met and we have became friends”.

About how she chooses which stamps/accessories to purchase…..

“When new catalogs are first released I try to buy a few things that I like but not much. Maybe 1-2 stamp sets, the new in colors of course and a new punch or die. Then I wait until others have had their things and start posting cute samples because sometimes something I don't think I want at all, I end up liking very much. So after seeing many samples I usually place another order with more things to show. I know some of the things I have absolutely HATED have turned out the be the best things I have bought. I will end up with most of the PL stuff though because I know I will use it all and I am so excited about it to sell it!!”

Finally what is her crafting space like? Is it a family area or her own space?

“When we moved to our new house 5 years ago, I got my own space in the basement but my space is unfinished. I have this ledge that goes around half the room that I love but it is just concrete block and some studded walls. A couple weeks ago my 18 year old walks in early from work carrying some tools and tells me for my birthday he is finishing my scrapbook room and I need to come move everything out of it. As nice of a surprise as that was, has he ever looked in there? Where in the world am I going to move it all to, and how does he expect me to do it in one day!!? Well we went and got boxes and boxed it all up and moved things out as best as we could and he is almost finished with it. I have not been able to do anything for a few weeks and it's driving me crazy but it should be done this weekend!! I can't wait!”

Thank you Tanya!
Linda Willimer
Stampin' Up! Senior Supervisor
Pennington, NJ
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