Taking your Business Online 2nd EDITION...NEW Training series with a SUDSOL Discount!

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Taking your Business Online 2nd EDITION...NEW Training series with a SUDSOL Discount!

The one sentence I hear most often in my training business, is "I want to have an online business". I'm here to give you some truth, some guidance, and practical tips to start the process of adding an online component to your business. This three part series will be full of DUPLICATABLE steps that anyone can do to take their business online! We'll teach you by audio trainings, videos and sharing samples! This will build off our first edition, and explore more online options and tools!

We will focus on:

*Starting an online component. Some tools you'll find useful!

*Mixing it with your Live business for the best results

*Online classes (A few more tips than just the first time around)

*Online ordering, USING a HOST CODE!

*Building your email list, setting up a campaign to do this!

*Blogging basics

*Facebook Live, enteraction on facebook


Adding an online component is not a magic pill to growing your business and takes more time and effort than most realize. This call is here to give you the truth to what it takes to make this jump and to do it well! (What this call is NOT...we wil not be showing "how to" videos or teachings. Everyone uses different platforms and resources.)

All Calls/videos are RECORDED! You will have one year to access them. You can register anywhere in the world.

Cost: 34.99 for a three week/three part training series

SUDSOL members, you get a 5.00 discount when you use the code SUDSOL

GROUP DISCOUNT:  5.00 OFF for each person! If you gather 5 or more to take part in this training, we will issue you a discount code. email Selene at creatingsuccess@rondawade.com when you have your 5 names, and she will issue you a discount code.

OPTIONAL ADD-ONS: (FOR US ONLY) I'm offering an optional add on of a sample online class. You will get to experience what it's like from start to finish to hold an online class. You'll see the packaging, the shipping, prep work, tutorial and video. Experiencing hands-on, in a realistic format can be the best way to learn. It's a New Catalog class, that you can offer live or online in May, June or July! Cost: 30.00 and includes Shipping.
(Kits will ship, Tutorial and video wil be emailed on May 1st 1ST)

First Edition of Taking your Business Online: You will receive a link that will give you access to all first three parts of taking your business online. You'll have recordings, videos and all samples shared. Cost: 30.00
The first round was so successful, so I'm very excited to be building from that and covering even more ways to take your business online.
Stamped Blessings,
Ronda Wade