Sudsol Swap Final Count - PHOENIX

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Sudsol Swap Final Count - PHOENIX

Blythe Klipple

Here’s the final count for the PHOENIX swap:  12 (and that includes a +1 to be used by Sudsol for RAKs 

Check to be sure you see your name in the attachment below.  Future emails will go ONLY to the swap participants.

- Sudsol members only - we know Sudsol members do the best swap in town!
- card fronts only - 5-1/2" x 4-1/4"
- at least two layers
- at least one embellishment
- Demonstrator quality work—clean, straight cuts
- current product only:  2016-2017 Annual Catalog and 2016 Holiday Catalog; if we don’t sell it, please don’t use it.
- name, location, email on back of your card
- ingredients optional but oh-so-thoughtful-and-welcome - I’ve made this a requirement in the past but have been too often disappointed when the info isn’t there.  Maybe you could surprise me!?
- nice but not required:  place your swap in a clear envelope (p. 176, #102619) to protect your work
- all cards will be posted to the Sudsol gallery - if no info is attached to the card, no info will be added to the gallery except the same of the artist. 

Questions?  Please ask via email.
My cell number by the way:  209-352-1059

We’ll meet in the lunch venue in the back right on Friday.  I’ll have ONE SIGN (maybe two) that we’ll be waving.  Grab your lunch on the way to the back.  Let’s swap a.s.a.p., like 15 minutes after lunch begins. Then you can go look at displays etc.   I’m looking forward to seeing/meeting you!!!!