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Deborah Smart
PROGRAM: Stampin’ Discuss Summary - Stamping Topics  

This is a regularly scheduled SUDSOL program. The purpose is to provide a summary from Stampin' Discuss posts on Stampin’ Connection, for your convenience.
The topics covered are Workshops: A Recipe for Success; Product and General Suggestions. I hope you will find this information helpful to you.

SUDSOL SD Stamping Topics coordinator
Deborah Smart
Burnaby, B.C., Canada


-To You & Yours Shaker Cards kit
-Project Life Holiday Kits

Post: To You & Yours Shaker Cards kit – envelopes are not listed in the supplies; does anyone know if they are included?


-Yes, they are included

Post: Project Life Holiday Kits – if a customer isn’t ‘into’ using PL, are the kits suitable for using as cards, or in other projects?


-The kits are great for creating cards and using the embellishments for bags and boxes

- I personally think that the value is there for the bundle... I was able to make 15 cards and that doesn't even include the Halloween or School ones... I wanted to go outside the box a little and use things differently to show customers what they could make with a "kit" and not buying a ton of accessories... I do have a few of the xmas accessories left since some are the wood pieces and I felt last though they are a bit big for a card... but plan on using them for a gift bag or something... I used up every card that was for xmas and was very happy about that... didn't want anything left over. I do have a  bunch of the sequin left but that is easy to use on other projects as well
Deborah Smart
Stampin' Discuss Summary Coordinator