See what they had to say about Creative Convention Online the Saleabration Edition!

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See what they had to say about Creative Convention Online the Saleabration Edition!

This past weekend was our Saleabration Creative Convention Online!

The all online access pass is still available if you want to see what it's all about! You have access to over 40 projects and EACH one has a tutorial, pictures and directions. Plus lots of videos! Not to mention over 4 hours of practical, duplicatable and useful training!
Register here until january 28th:

Don't take my word for it...see just a few comments from today alone

From Heather:
This was an incredible Creative Convention!! They never disappoint! Thank you to all of you who worked so hard to put this together.....I really feel like I have learned a lot and the projects are all so amazing!!! The presentations really have me thinking.....Thank you!! Thank you!
From Jeannette:
What do I get out of Creative conventions?
1. Motivation and better understanding of what needs to be done to bring my business to the next level.
2. Inspiration
3. Make and takes for the next few classes.
4. How to run my meetings
5. All kinds of hints and tricks
6.Meet new virtual friends
7. Learned how to use ribbon. I always have way too much left over ribbon. With the make and takes, I have almost gone through my SAB ribbon! Yay! Yes that is a good thing. The more I use the more people will fall in love and get that 60$ order in to get it!!
So in closing I would like to say, I loved this convention and thank you to all who helped make it happen!
From Tracy:
Not only are these amazing projects but the PDFs are so professional and easy to follow!! I can't wait to make the samples and use these ideas for a class. I am also going to learn how to make PDFs like all of yours. I feel like these are the cherry on top of such a great weekend. Thank you all so much!!
From Allesandra
Just finished catching up and WOW, what an AMAZING job everyone did!!! This convention online was the best thing ever to give me ideas, leave my comfort zone and get started! I am SO excited!!! Thank you so very much!!! I can't thank you enough for this, simply wonderful!

Here is just a sampling of some of the projects:

Cost: 79.99 (SUDSOL Members get a 10.00 discount. use promo code: SUDSOL)