Scrapbook Samples ~ Scrap 101: Using MEMORIES & MORE in traditional layouts

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Scrapbook Samples ~ Scrap 101: Using MEMORIES & MORE in traditional layouts


The Scrapbook Samples/Scrap101 Program is a SUDSOL program which seeks to assist you at incorporating Scrapbooking into your Stampin’ Up! Business by sharing demonstratable scrapbook projects on SUDSOL, plus information, tips, and ideas about scrapbooking. If you have specific questions or articles you would like to see in this program, please let me know!

Some of you have asked me to share some layout ideas for using Memories & More in a traditional-style scrapbook layout. So…. This one’s for you!

The sample I found was created by Lyssa Zwolanek (SongofmyHeartStampers) and uses the Color Theory Memories & More set and the Swirly Bird suite:

Here it is again on the grid so you can see the approximate sizing. The two pieces of yellow cardstock are 6x12 inches and are adhered approximately an inch-and-a-half from the top of the Whisper White background cardstock. I LOVE how the Berry Burst and Old Olive pieces just, well, BURST off the page! She just used a few cutouts using the framelits, and in one spot, she used a negative piece (a piece leftover from the actual intended cutout piece). I also love the glimmer the sequins add to this piece.

And since we are in monsoon season here in SE Texas, lol – it’s in the low 50s today from all the rain we had overnight, this layout brings me to summer in my mind. I love the winter, but I may or may not be ready for a bit of summer! (Just wait – in the first week of June I’ll be ready for winter to be back, lol – I LOVE the cold weather… just not a cold house which is why I’m wearing a sweatshirt, heavy socks, flannel pants… even though the heater is on, as is our electric fireplace…).

To help you visualize exactly where you want to put your photos, I have developed a few sketches based off of Lyssa’s layout.

TAKE 1 uses three photos – I inadvertently made my 4x6 photos only 4x5 in this sketch, but you could enlarge them to 4x6 (since that is currently the most popular photo size for scrappers). The photo on the left is 3x4.

TAKE 2 uses 2 photos, which are each 4x6. I like the horizontal aspect of these.

TAKE 3 uses four photos. All four of these are 3x4. You could put them in an even row instead of staggering them as I did, but I really like the staggered heights as it works with the movement of the layout.

Finally, TAKE 4 uses three OR four photos? Why the OR?

If you notice, I have the photos butted up against one another. The large photo in the middle occupies the space of 4 inches by 6 inches. You could use one 4x6 photo, cutting it in half in the middle, and carefully lining up the sides so they meet cleanly in the middle. This is one of my favorite things to do on a layout, that is – taking a photo across the boundary in the middle of the layout.

(Like this one I created in 2010 - this is my now 9-going-on-10-or-maybe-16-granddaughter, lol!)

(YES! Curly hair definitely runs in our family!!!!!)

Although this is NOT a Stampin’ Up! layout (well, the cardstock is SU!, because I’m a cardstock snob!), I wanted to share another showing how you can cross that middle boundary :).

I hope that these layouts and sketches help you with your scrapbooking classes this Spring. Thanks again to Lyssa for allowing me to share her layout with you. If you run across her on the ‘net, please tell her “thanks”!

Do you have another idea for a Scrap 101 article? Something you want me to research a bit and write up? I'd love to - please send me your ideas for articles to! Also, if you upload scrapbook layouts to the gallery, please drop me an email so I can feature some of your pages in a future Scrapbook Samples article!

Thanks for reading this edition of Scrapbook Samples/Scrap101. Would you like to be featured in one of my SS posts? Upload those layouts, ladies and gents! Yours may be the next one to catch my eye!!! As always, if you have any requests for a specific topic to be covered in a Scrap 101 (or Scrapbook Samples) post, additional suggestions, advice or thoughts, please let me know - the suggestion box is always open for those requests!
*Ü* Nanc ><>
Scrapbook Samples /Scrap 101 Coordinator

Nancy Keithley
Waller, Texas
Scrapbook Samples/Scrap101 Coordinator