Scrapbook Samples ~ Scrap 101: Changing text and digital paper colors, Baby Burrito layout

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Scrapbook Samples ~ Scrap 101: Changing text and digital paper colors, Baby Burrito layout


The Scrapbook Samples/Scrap101 Program is a SUDSOL program which seeks to assist you at incorporating Scrapbooking into your Stampin’ Up! Business by sharing demonstratable scrapbook projects on SUDSOL, plus information, tips, and ideas about scrapbooking. If you have specific questions or articles you would like to see in this program, please let me know!

I hope everyone got some scrapbooking done this weekend! Personally, I am still working on end-of-the-school-year stuff for my contracting job.

I shared this layout/sketch with a group of stamping friends the other day and wanted to share it with you guys.

This layout shows my first grandgirl, Ava (who will be 10 in just less than 2 months – and who loves to craft with me!). We used to call her the Baby Burrito, as shown in this layout.

I used big, bold colors in this layout. Note the scattering of buttons, the two flower elements over the corner of the photo on the right. Also note the odd and uneven sizes of the photos (one of those things I would definitely change if I were to redo this layout, lol… it drives me nuts). I print 95% of my photos as they are digital, but these were honest-to-goodness “real” pictures, lol – so I went with it, cropping them to the same height. (But still…. DRIVES.ME.NUTS!)

Here is the sketch (well, View 1 of it):

Anyway, on my sketch, I evened the photos out.

Here is a second view for those of you who prefer to use more neutral backgrounds (since they are more cost effective for classes… be aware, though, that the bulk purchase of Basic Black 12x12 has gone AWOL from the new catalog! So....

… here is where I advise you to…..


Currently we get EIGHT each of three colors in each color family… in the new catalog it, very sadly, goes back to 2 each of every color, which makes it rougher for demonstration/class purposes if you do THO [Totally Hands-On] classes like I do… just saying – I know it’s a business decision for the company, and respect that. (But I would have to buy 6-8 packages of 12x12 for my classes to have enough layout bases… not cost-effective for me!). IF YOU DO SCRAPBOOK CLASSES LIKE I DO, please consider going to the sandbox and asking for demonstrator packs of CS.

Can’t hurt to ask, right?

Anyway, I digress…

It is an adaptable layout – you can use DSP where I did or create a stamped area instead. You could also print your own “DSP”. HOW, you ask? You can type random letters, inspirational thoughts, etc and fill a page. Print it and crop it to the size you need. You do NOT need a 12-inch-wide printer to do this. To print a 12-inch piece of cardstock, simply design it on the horizontal. Cut your paper to the width you want and set your print settings to a 12-inch long piece of paper. If you need more help on this, holler and I’ll fill out the instructions for you.

To print in color, if you have a color printer, you can use the RGB/HTML Color Guide here( to change the color your printer prints.

STEP-BY-STEP on changing the color:
      1.Type your text in Word (Publisher, Powerpoint…).
      2. Use your mouse to highlight your text. Click on the TEXT COLOR icon in the RIBBON (what that blue bar of dialogs is called).

     3. When the little window pops out, click on MORE COLORS.

     4. Then, in the new window, select the CUSTOM tab, and look at the dialog below that says RGB:

5. You will enter the numbers for the desired color from the SUDSOL chart, for example, Rose Red would be 200, 75, 109, then click on OK. I actually have an additional chart I use that has all the retired colors I found the codes for on it. I will share if there is interest in that!

When I create sketches for you guys, I use this color changing magic ALL the time to make my “cardstock” the right color in the sketch. When I scrapbook digitally, I also use this for my digital layouts. Unsurprisingly, I’ve made a number of layouts in PowerPoint since they discontinued support of My Digital Studio.
Do you have another idea for a Scrap 101 article? Something you want me to research a bit and write up? I'd love to - please send me your ideas for articles to! Also, if you upload scrapbook layouts to the gallery, please drop me an email so I can feature some of your pages in a future Scrapbook Samples article!

Thanks for reading this edition of Scrapbook Samples/Scrap101. Would you like to be featured in one of my SS posts? Upload those layouts, ladies and gents! Yours may be the next one to catch my eye!!! As always, if you have any requests for a specific topic to be covered in a Scrap 101 (or Scrapbook Samples) post, additional suggestions, advice or thoughts, please let me know - the suggestion box is always open for those requests!
*Ü* Nanc ><>
Scrapbook Samples /Scrap 101 Coordinator

Nancy Keithley
Waller, Texas
Scrapbook Samples/Scrap101 Coordinator