Scrapbook Samples: HANNAH layout 02 08 2020

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Scrapbook Samples: HANNAH layout 02 08 2020


The Scrapbook Samples/Scrap101 Program is a SUDSOL program which seeks to assist you at incorporating Scrapbooking into your Stampin’ Up! Business by sharing demonstratable scrapbook projects on SUDSOL, plus information, tips, and ideas about scrapbooking. If you have specific questions or articles you would like to see in this program, please let me know!

The flu. Don’t you just hate being sick? Hubby and I have had it for just over 2 weeks – all the glory of upper respiratory issues, and dueling coughs. Good thing you can’t share that via the internet!

An even BETTER thing is sharing a scrapbook layout over the internet! Since I am finally able once again to stay awake more than an hour at a time, check it out! I have a new (old) layout to share!!!!!!

I was looking for an idea to share when I ran across this layout. I have a long-running stamping group – we’ve just started a new round of our hostess club (Second Saturday at 2 pm – this month it’s the 3rd Saturday due to conflicts). I’m digressing for a moment from the layout just to share how I do my clubs – it won’t take long! I typically have 6-8 members each club cycle. Members can choose to take ONE or more months as hostess. If you take one month as hostess, you must spend at least $25 retail each month for the cycle – and each cycle must have enough spots claimed to reach Hostess Order status (at least $150 retail) - so if 6 people, one month each, each person spends $25 retail per month and on one of those months you would get all the hostess benefits. Want two months? You’d spend $50 retail per month and get two months as hostess – hostess months are determined by random draw – my husband, the retired pastor – is in charge of drawing the names and all my stampers trust him to keep it honest. If anyone wants to switch months with someone else, I let them work that out. On their hostess month, each hostess is responsible for snacks, by the way. We all bring our own beverages.

OK, detour over, but if you have questions about how I do my club, please message me and I’ll answer any questions you have!

Back to the layout – here is a layout I love that my sister (who claims NOT to be a “scrapbooker” – I call BULL on that – she is quite talented at everything she does!!!!!) created years ago. If you’ve been with SU! as long as I have, you’ll probably recognize the DSP!!! I actually still hoard, um, I mean HAVE, some of that floral DSP! LOVE that stuff!!!!!

Now, in case you don’t remember, I love to scrapbook, and along with that, I love creating and sharing sketches with you. Here is my sissy’s original layout! (Side note: This is my sister's daughter and only granddaughter).


The photo on the left is about a 4x6 matted on Pink cardstock. When matting photos, I tend to cut the cardstock ½ inch taller and wider than the photo. Easy peasy to do!

As always – I like to show you a layout ON the grid to give you approximate sizing, and I like to show it OFF the grid so you can see the details of the layout more clearly. And here it is on the grid to give you a meatball idea of the sizing of the pieces. The border on the right is punchart. I believe I left off the strip of floral DSP spanning the Robin Hood Red (if I recall the color correctly) on the right page. The squares were punches we had – we now have framelits for those, or if you can cut a straight line, grab your favorite SU! cutter and chop it into a square, man! (I'm still using the Tonic style guillioutine for cutting cardstock for classes, and to create mattes for photos I use my Fiskars old-style slide cutter because I can cut a perfect photo matte with that thing!!!). The name of my great niece, HANNAH was hand cut by my sister. (Hannah is going to be a teenager before we know it, by the way, followed shortly by my oldest granddaughter!).

I would love to see your creations with this layout – you do NOT have to use gingham (any print or even solid colors would work). The hearts and flowers could be replaced by other punched or stamped items – you know where you can get those stamps, right?

{Note: if something doesn't make sense, please do ask - I am not 100% yet so I realize that what makes perfect sense to me may leave you scratching your head, lol!!!!!}

Thanks for reading my stuff, and please DO share those layouts with me!!!!!

Do you have another idea for a Scrap 101 article? Something you want me to research a bit and write up? I'd love to - please send me your ideas for articles to! Also, if you upload scrapbook layouts or sketches to the gallery, please drop me an email so I can feature some of your pages in a future Scrapbook Samples article!

Thanks for reading this edition of Scrapbook Samples/Scrap101. Would you like to be featured in one of my SS posts? Upload those layouts, ladies and gents! Yours may be the next one to catch my eye!!! As always, if you have any requests for a specific topic to be covered in a Scrap 101 (or Scrapbook Samples) post, additional suggestions, advice or thoughts, please let me know - the suggestion box is always open for those requests!

*Ü* Nanc ><>
Scrapbook Samples /Scrap 101 Coordinator
Nancy Keithley
Waller, Texas

Nancy Keithley
Waller, Texas
Scrapbook Samples/Scrap101 Coordinator