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#SUDSOLSocial - WOW!

Nola Burkhard
Hi Stampers:

I just had to share with you my exciting news for today.

A few days ago I posted two of the Make & Takes for my Catalog Kickoff that is this Wednesday on my Instragram accoutn with the #SUDSOLSocial hashtag. I've only been on Instragram since we started this new program and wanted to see where it might lead.  Well, it did not take long, maybe 45 minutes or so and I heard from a High School buddy that lives several towns away that she LOVED the "Just Breathe." card and could I make some for her? Well of course I said: Sure!

Here are the cards I posted on Instragram:

Then in texting back and forth about payment, delivery, etc. she said she'd be in Prescott, (where I live in AZ) with a friend today to shop and have lunch and could we meet up?  YES, I said, and so, at 11:00 this morning I am meeting her and her friend in the parking lot of ...shhhh, Hobby Lobby.  I'll have the card to show her, along withe several sheets of our card stock samples for her to choose from and catalogs for her and her friend.

WOW! A bit of business all because I posted a couple of cards on Instragram with the hashtag #SUDSOLSOCIAL !

Hope you will join us in this new program and post your projects for this week's calendar on your social media sites.  Email me when you've got them posted and where and I'll Pin them to our @SUDSOLSocial Pintrest board.

This weeks projects are: Paper Pumpkin, Goals, Hump Day, DSP, Booking Statement, Favorite New In Color and Workshop Prep.

Stampin' Away, Nola