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Nola Burkhard
I thought I'd chime in on what I've been doing on a more regular basis with my social media accounts. I use a hastag "#" for almost all of my crafting posts as then when someone clicks on it, it takes them to a link where there are other posts with the same hashtag. Some of the ones I use regularly are:

and of course:

I try to post regularly to my Instagram account and occasionaly to my personal facebook page the projects I am working on.

One thing I strugle with is to remember to run all the words together with the hashtag and even to remember to use the hashtag "#".

I know there lots of other social media sites out there, but these are the ones I use as they fit my lifestyle. While I am sure I could be posting more often, I do not want people to think this is all I do. I try to post about what I am doing, what I see, what is going on in my life and of course, when I remember, what I am creating and where they can find it.  The remembering part is also something I need to "remember to post" more often.

I hope this helps to explain a bit more about why using a "#" hashtag is important when we post.  I'll be back later, hopefully today, with the list of ideas for October's #SudsolSocial

Have a stampin' day, Nola