SUDSOL Wallets for SU! events!

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SUDSOL Wallets for SU! events!

SUDSOL Leadership Board

Headed to OnStage in November? Wanting to find other SUDSOL Members easily, and have a convenient way to show your badge, carry your phone, pen, money, and other necessities?

We’ve got you covered with the new SUDSOL wallet.

These are GREAT gifts for your downline, upline, sideline, and roommates.

Each wallet is $7.50 each.  Postage is $2.70 in the US (and only 75 cents more for each additional wallet).

NOTE: This is an ADVANCE ORDER, we do not have the wallets in stock. They will ship approximately mid September.

Visit this page to place your order:


If you have any questions, please contact us privately at


Coleen & Patti


SUDSOL Leadership Board

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SUDSOL Leadership Board
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