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SUDSOL Tour - Getting Help with SUDSOL

SUDSOL Leadership Board

SUDSOL Tour - Getting Help with SUDSOL
Introducing Patti and Coleen - we're here to help!
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Who runs SUDSOL?

SUDSOL is run by Patti Scanlan (from Fort Peck, MT) and many helpful volunteer coordinators.  Patti has been an SU! demo for over 20 years!   SUDSOL started as an online group in 1997 - long before SU! even had a website!  SUDSOL was doing "social networking" before that term became mainstream with sites like Facebook.

Pretty much everything we learned about being demonstrators came from interacting online with other demos.  Our goal is to have a positive, supportive environment for SU! demos to share and learn from each other. 

How do I get help with SUDSOL?

If you need help, at any time, there are several ways to reach us:

  1. Online - there is a Chat box at the bottom right corner of every SUDSOL website page.  If we're online at the time, we can help you right away.  If we're offline, you can send us a message and we'll get back to you.
  2. Email us at
  3. Ask your question in the Discussion Forum in the SUDSOL Info & Help section.  Note: Posts made in the discussion forum can be seen by all members.  So, don't include any personal information there.  (Our members are very knowledgeable and willing to help, so you may even get answers from a member as well!)

We are very friendly and are more than willing to help answer any questions you may have about SUDSOL.  The only stupid question is the one not asked!

We look forward to helping you on your exploration of SUDSOL during your trial period and after you've joined as a member - that's what we are here for!

Patti Scanlan
SUDSOL Leadership Board

Hop on the SUDSOL Tour bus for a few minutes to check out what we have to offer.

Want to go direct to the action? 

Hop off on one of these stops:

StamPINboard: Discussion Forum: Articles:

Tour Info:

Each day the SUDSOL Leadership Board sends a tour to trial members about various areas of SUDSOL

Some of those notes we felt would be good weekly tours for regular members as well. 

This is one of those notes.
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