SUDSOL Tour: Earning Free time on SUDSOL

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SUDSOL Tour: Earning Free time on SUDSOL

SUDSOL Leadership Board

 SUDSOL for Free!
  SUDSOL Tour #15

Earning SUDSOL for FREE!

Did you know that once you become a paid member, there are a variety of ways that you can add FREE time to your SUDSOL membership:

  • Loading samples to our gallery (20 new anything goes samples earns you a free month)
  • Load a swap you've hosted (with SU! only products) to our gallery (10 piece minimum for the swap earns you a free month)
  • Share a new pattern/tutorial (one pattern/tutorial with instructions and step-by-step pictures earns you a free month)
  • Share a video you've created of a technique (earn one free week per new video that we don't already have a video for)
  • Be a SUDSOL monthly featured stamper (share 8 or more cards/projects for your selected month earns you a free month of SUDSOL)
  • Participate in our various weekly challenges for a random chance to win a free week.
  • Become a SUDSOL Program coordinator! Coordinator positions become available periodically and while the positions are mainly volunteer, we do give free membership time while doing the coordinator position.
NOTE: To earn free time on SUDSOL, you must be a current paid member (trial members can earn free time once becoming a full paid member).

We're here to help if you have ANY questions about SUDSOL, just email us at

Patti & Coleen
SUDSOL Leadership Board

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Each day the SUDSOL Leadership Board sends a tour to trial members.

Some of those notes we felt would be good weekly tours for regular members as well.

This is one of those notes.



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