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SUDSOL Tour 2: How to Post

SUDSOL Leadership Board

 How to Post
  SUDSOL Tour #2

How to Post Questions/Comments

One main benefit of SUDSOL is the interaction between demonstrators. The active discussion group allows you to ask stamping or business related questions and get responses from experienced demonstrators all over the world! Plus when you ask a question, you're likely to get an answer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! No having to wait for a response from your upline or check back on a message board to see if anyone has responded because the responses can come directly to your email! The demonstrators on SUDSOL are helpful, caring and sharing people who want to see you succeed in your business. So don't be shy about jumping in - even as a trial member.

How to Post:

Posting to SUDSOL is pretty easy. Just visit the discussion group online an click on the "NewTopic" link in any subcategory.  If you prefer to submit your questions via email you'll need to set up the email address to send it to in your address book.  See the instructions here for more details.

Joining an established discussion group can seem a little intimidating at first - posts are being made at a frantic pace, there are rules, there are people whose names you see frequently and frankly, at times, it can be overwhelming! Don't let this stop you as this is one of the best features on SUDSOL.

This is a fantastic place to ask any stamping and/or business question – and get feedback from experienced demos all over the world. In addition to being able to ask/answer questions, it’s the place where many members share their stamped creations, flyers, and helpful tips

Some Things to be Aware of:

If you click "Reply" or "Reply All" to a message that came from SUDSOL, your response will post on the forum itself and is visible to all members. 

If you want only the original poster to see your reply, please select "More", "Reply to Author" from the website or if replying via email change the reply email address in your email program to the author's email address.

You can find out more information on posting to SUDSOL here:

We're here to help if you have ANY questions about SUDSOL, just email us at

Patti & Coleen
SUDSOL Leadership Board

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