SUDSOL Tour 14: Searching SUDSOL

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SUDSOL Tour 14: Searching SUDSOL

SUDSOL Leadership Board

 Time Saving Tips for SUDSOL  
  SUDSOL Tour #14

Looking for something in particular?  Use the SUDSOL search feature. 

With over 7,000 articles, we have a LOT of information on SUDSOL and sometimes searching for what you're looking for is the best way to find it. We have two different areas on SUDSOL each with their own unique search:

  • The SUDSOL gallery - for samples & inspiration
  • The SUDSOL website - for all other items on the SUDSOL website including articles, class outlines, patterns, business files, etc.
With so much information on SUDSOL at your fingertips, you don't have to spend your precious time searching all over the internet for what you need. Likely, it is right here on SUDSOL!

Search the SUDSOL gallery for sample ideas:

To search in the gallery, go to the SUDSOL gallery and type in your search words in the Search box at the top of the left column.

Search the SUDSOL articles

To search the main SUDSOL website you can type in your search words on the main member page. Or for more control, go to the advanced search page and type in the words you want to find in the "Search Terms" box.

Some additional tips:
  • Use the pull down box under "Category" to limit your search to a particular area (such as Samples & Ideas or Business & Recruiting).
  • Under "Type of Search" select "Full text" to get the articles that contain ANY of the words your are searching for; select "Match word" to get the articles that contain ALL of the words.
  • Narrow the dates to the last few weeks or month by using the Date Range box
Need more help - see this tutorial in the SUDSOL Members Frequently Asked Questions section.

We're here to help if you have ANY questions about SUDSOL, just email us at

Patti & Coleen
SUDSOL Leadership Board

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Some of those notes we felt would be good weekly tours for regular members as well.

This is one of those notes.



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