SUDSOL Tour 12: Computer Help

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SUDSOL Tour 12: Computer Help

SUDSOL Leadership Board

 Computer Help  
  SUDSOL Tour #12

Not a computer whiz?  No worries!  We have help fo you!

We realize that not every stamper is a computer whiz. By now you have probably figured out how to place your first order on the SU! website, but beyond that computers maybe just aren't your thing. So the prospect of trying to set up our Demonstrator Business Website or a BLOG can be daunting.

Have no fear! SUDSOL is here!

You don't have to be a computer expert to be efficient with your business. We have a whole section on SUDSOL geared just for the computer challenged.

Save time and frustration by having step-by-step instructions on setting up a BLOG without having to pay someone to do it for you.

We can show you how to resize your images so you can load them to your DBWS or BLOG and how to send them to your customers in emails without overloading them. Check out our Computer/BLOG help section here:

We're here to help if you have ANY questions about SUDSOL, just email us at

Patti & Coleen
SUDSOL Leadership Board

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Each day the SUDSOL Leadership Board sends a tour to trial members.

Some of those notes we felt would be good weekly tours for regular members as well.

This is one of those notes.



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