SUDSOL Coordinator Helper NEEDED!

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SUDSOL Coordinator Helper NEEDED!

SUDSOL Leadership Board
Are you organized? Check your email every day? Like to help others keep on track? Want to get SUDSOL for Free?


We are looking for a new SUDSOL Coordinator. This position will be more organization, cheerleader, and help for the the other SUDSOL Coordinators. A person to help keep things rolling smoothly and be sure that everyone is getting the help and support they need.

What will you do?

* Send emails and visit SUDSOL to be sure all programs are completed on schedule
* Update our weekly checklist
*check in with other coordinators to see if help is needed, etc

This coordinator work isn't hard, just needs someone organized and on their emails/computer daily

SUDSOL Programs are a fantastic part of our group and help us, help each other.

Does this sound like you??  Drop me an email at

SUDSOL Leadership Board
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