SUDSOL Blog Tour - New Date, Sign Up Now!

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SUDSOL Blog Tour - New Date, Sign Up Now!

SUDSOL Leadership Board
We have had to move the date of the SUDSOL Blog Tour #14 - so there is still time to sign up!

With the Stampin' Up! recruiting special right now it is a fantastic time to let potential and new recruits know that finding help to grow their business is all around them! Show them the great community we have right here to help them be successful!

The SUDSOL Blog Tour is a great way for you to show your demonstrator (and potential demo) friends how the members of SUDSOL share!

We will be showcasing the new 2014/2015 Catalog!


This tour will be simple for you to participate in. The tour will run on Tuesday, July 1st and we are happy to help you preset your blog to post on time once you have your samples made.  We are always available to help add the banners, etc to your blog!

Sign up deadline is: June 22nd (or until we reach 25 blogs)

Projects/Blog Post must be ready by Sunday, June 29th
1. You must be a member of the SUDSOL Referral program to participate

2.  Email to sign up, please include the following information:
    •Blog Address
    •Confirm you have signed up for the SUDSOL referral program
    •Note that you will begin advertising the tour immediately using the banner available in the referral center
    •Note that you agree to include your referral link in your blog tour post
    •Note that you will include the text link to your blog post in other postings (on Stampin' Connection, other groups, etc) to advertise the tour. We ask that each member advertise on their blog as well as to your upline/downline and other stamping groups a minimum of 3 times prior to the tour.

3.  Get started on your sample(s). Remember, on SUDSOL we like projects that we as demos can use and show in our workshops, not "art show".  We require a minimum of 3 samples, but you are welcome to have more!

4. Once your projects are ready - let us know. We will set the rotation on a first done basis! So, the sooner you are ready, the earlier your blog will be in the rotation.

When we receive the above information, we will confirm your spot in the SUDSOL Blog Tour. As blogs are ready, we will provide you with sample wording to use, the link to the next person on the tour, etc.
Looking forward to our 14th blog tour!!

SUDSOL Leadership Board
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