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Marti Crapo

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These are some of the week’s highlights from


Included in this issue:

·         QuickTime Initialization Error & Other Technical Questions

·         Have You Made a Banner with MDS Yet?

·         Did You Enjoy the 8 Days of Digital Scrapbooking?

·         Gift Certificates




QuickTime Initialization Error & Other Technical Questions


Have you run into this problem with MDS? Previously it was a frequent
question by users and then disappeared entirely. But I noticed there were
some recent inquiries. If you have had the problem, check out the article
linked below.
look-here?id=6293347%3ATopic%3A241205&page=1#comments> &page=1#comments


Remember that you can search the forum on for your
question or you can look at the MDS 2 - Trouble Shooting article on SUDSOL
at this link


I recently had an unusual problem with MDS2 and called DS. I left a brief
description of my problem and my phone number. The tech support desk called
me back in about 4 hours and they fixed the problem quickly. If you need


“Stampin' Up! Technical Support Contact Information:

§  Customers: 1-877-i STAMP 2

§  Demonstrators: 1-800-STAMP UP

§  Email: mydigitalstudio@

Please note that we can’t offer any technical support for home printers.”


This contact information is found on under the
“resources” link at the bottom of the page.



Have You Made a Banner with MDS yet?


There are so many fun ideas on for banners. If you don’t
have a banner kit from the Holiday catalog, try making a banner with MDS.
Here are some ideas:




Did You Enjoy the 8 Days of Digital Scrapbooking?


I hope you were able to take advantage of the some of the sales last week. I
loved the downloads they picked.



There were lots of awesome project ideas along with quick videos to
highlight some of the projects. I you didn’t get there last week to enjoy
the fun, it’s not too late to see some of the projects and videos. You can
start here and work backwards




Gift Certificates



There has been a lot of interest lately in creating gift certificates like
the one above from Cynthia Maloney. Janet Wakeland has added a great video
on to show you her ideas for making gift certificates.


There are tons of ideas in SUDSOL Gallery and if you need a pattern or
special paper, use MDS to print out what you need:


And last, but not least, here is a selection of patterns and tutorials on
SUDSOL that will give you even more ideas. Where you don’t have a stamp or
paper, remember that you can print that part with MDS and you will come up
with some great ideas.
icates> &content=gift%20certificates




Marti Crapo

SUDSOL MDS Coordinator                    

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

Frederick CO

Blog - <>

Store - Stampin'Up! Stamp With Marti




Marti Crapo