SU!: Tomorrow is the last day to sign up………..for the 2013 Online Profits Boot Camp

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SU!: Tomorrow is the last day to sign up………..for the 2013 Online Profits Boot Camp

Blythe Klipple

While today is the day when we honor our Veterans, tomorrow is the last day to sign up for John Sanpietro's 2013 Online Profits Boot Camp.

You won't want to miss out on this event!   The Boot Camp will take place on four Tuesdays over five weeks, beginning November 12th, at 10 p.m.  (if you can't make the live webinars, don't worry... you'll have access to the recordings thru March 15th, 2014!).
The Boot Camp will show you how to set up and maintain the four online offerings every stamping business should have in order to generate maximum revenue:
Online Classes
Virtual Clubs
Customer Membership Sites
If you want to leverage your time and generate the most money you can online, these are the elements you want to get up and running.  The Boot Camp will show you how to do just that!
John has recorded a video explaining each of the four elements above in much greater detail.
In addition to the regular Boot Camp content, you're going to receive bonus interviews with some very big players in the industry, AND a special webinar teaching you how to conduct and use webinars as a marketing vehicle!  (<<new!)

Click Here To View The Video, Find Out About The Bonuses
AND Learn More About The Online Profits Boot Camp!

Don't forget to get to $10 Sudsol discount code from me BEFORE you register.   blythek@

I hope to see you there!

Blythe Klipple, Mi Wuk Village CA
blythek@ (Sudsol) or blythe@ (biz)
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