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Carolyn Dobie

HI there,


I did end giving Boomerang a try for automating email.  I wasn't pleased
with it as I started getting strange pop-up windows that would start blaring
video.  So, if you have an interest in automating email, consider an option
other than Boomerang.  :)




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Hi there,


One my weaknesses with my business is communication!  I need to get better
at sending reminders to customers about upcoming classes and to downline
about upcoming meetings.  This is one area that I procrastinate horribly on
and I see a correlation between class attendance and how far out I publish a


Has anyone set up automated email reminders? ( e.g. Class is on the 15th -
send an invite x weeks before, send a reminder 3 days before, send a last
chance reminder the day before....).


Thank you!!


Happy Stampin'!

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