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Claudia Perry

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I agree, I do the same and created an insert to be printed and put into our
clear-mount cases. I made them for all that we have available at the moment.

Here is a sample of one:


While you are welcome to use my files, I even refer to an older blog entry
where you can learn how to make your own insert in MDS.  With the
Photopolymer sets, I just copied and pasted the pic from the SU store, or
you can stamp them on a blank insert.See my blog:


Claudia Perry

SUDSOL Design Challenge Coordinator
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I have started storing my photopolymer with my other stamps, and am sure
using them more.  I am so excited to have Endless Wishes back in stock.
Check out the details on how I create my cases at

Linda Bauwin


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Claudia Perry
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