SU!: PROGRAM: UPDATES: OCTOBER 14, 2013: Stampin' Connection Etiquette

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SU!: PROGRAM: UPDATES: OCTOBER 14, 2013: Stampin' Connection Etiquette

Blythe Klipple

Stampin' Connection Etiquette
October 14, 2013
Stampin' Connection is a fantastic public forum for demonstrators to exchange ideas, encouragement, stories and solutions to problems. For many, it's a source of positivity, a way to connect with demonstrators all over the world.

Unfortunately, as with many public forums, discussions can become negative and hurtful. As stated in the Terms of Use for Stampin' Connection:

We do not allow messages that are negative, rude, offensive, derogatory, unlawful, or that could be hurtful or embarrassing to others. Additionally, you may not use profanity, racial, ethnic, gender based attacks or any other personal discriminations. We find it unprofessional, offensive and it will not be tolerated. Members who choose to engage in this type of activity may have their privileges revoked and banned from the community.
Some demonstrators have called us about bullying and rudeness that they have experienced on Stampin' Connection. We will not tolerate such messages; however, we are not able to police every discussion and forum on Stampin' Connection.

We would like to remind everyone to carryout kind and positive discussions online. We would also like to encourage each demonstrator to try to prevent or stop discussions that may become heated or hurtful. Please feel free to contact Demonstrator Support if you believe a discussion has gotten out of hand. Stampin' Connection should continue to be what it was meant to be: uplifting, helpful and motivating.

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator