SU!: Card Candy Swap 6+1 due Oct 28. ...Group 2 needs 3 more ...Group 1 FULL

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SU!: Card Candy Swap 6+1 due Oct 28. ...Group 2 needs 3 more ...Group 1 FULL

Sheri Thompson


Card Candy Swap Group 1 is FULL
Group 2 needs 3 more sign ups by Monday, Oct 14.
Come Stamp and Play with us!

Who's up for a Card Candy Swap???  Here are the me off-list to register.   
October 28th is the “in my hands” due date. Mail [or drop off] in plenty of time for it to reach me by Oct 28th.
When you email – let me know if you want Group 1 or Group 2 or both.
Feel free to invite other demo friends.
Card Candy Swap Guidelines:
1.      Use only SU! materials with emphasis on stamp sets that make great pieces of card candy.  Please make sure you use only current supplies.  Check your catalog!
2.      Make a minimum of 6 pieces of embellished Card Candy for each bag.
3.      Use a 6 x 8 cello bag to package your Card Candy.
4.      Place Dimensionals on the back of the Card Candy piece.
5.      Cut a piece of wax paper to fit inside each 6 x 8 cello bag.
6.      Adhere Card Candy Piece [with Dimensional already on] to the wax paper with a mini glue dot.
7.      Place a topper on each Card Candy bag. Staple or mini glue dot closed. No need for Velcro closure.
8.      These Card Candy bags should be ready for distribution.
9.      DO NOT put your info on nor in the cello bags. Feel free to send 7 business cards with your swaps. Or write info on a removable post-it note.
10.   Stamp your best – no smudges or inked off stamping! We are looking for Card Candy bags that we will love to give our customers.
Card Candy bags using 6 x 8 cello bags with toppers and minimum of 6 embellished pieces.
Sign up date:  October 14th
Need inspiration or samples?
Quantity:  Groups of 6 + 1  (I will start with 2 groups)  You can join both – you need to make different Card Candy bags for each group.
PLEASE make sure the Card Candy bags are different, not just different colors, don’t use the same stamp set on both, etc.  They should be totally different looking bags.
In my hands by October 28th
Please place all Card Candy bags in a ONE GALLON Ziploc bag. This gives enough room for the return items and also protects them from the elements. This also helps me when I'm sorting them.  DO NOT send your items in a quart size bag – it’s too small. Your items get bent during shipping. So sad. Please put your name on the gallon bag. Thanks!
Return Postage - Priority Mail stamp for Flat Rate Envelope.
NO metered strips at all for the return – that means the PO should give you a self adhesive stamp – not a strip that has your city/state and a date on it. 
NO APC terminal stamps either. You must mail your item immediately when you print from one of those APC terminals.
Include a Priority Mail label. This makes it much easier to sort and return swaps quickly back to you! For priority mail you need to send me a priority mail label with my information in the Return spot and yours in the To Sender spot. (These days it is important that my name be in the return spot – they won’t mail it without return sender address).
Please put your Priority Mail stamp and Filled out Priority Mail label in a small envelope and place inside the gallon size Ziploc bag. Please don’t make me search for your return stamp and return label. ;-(
I will provide the Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope to do the returns.
DROP OFF - you can drop off your cards if you are local in Dallas in a GALLON ZIPLOC on my front porch and I'll let you know when they are ready for pick up. 
Send swap to:
Sheri Thompson
6810 Westover Dr.
Rowlett, TX 75089
If you have any questions – please email me directly at or call 214-556-9319

Sheri Thompson, SU! Demo since 2002
and proud to serve YOU for 11 years!

I can help inspire you to create unique cards, gifts, and scrapbooks
that you can share with friends and family for years to come.
Inspire. Create. Share. Stampin' Up! It's more than just stamps!

T: 214-556-9319
Order 24/7 at My On-line Store

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