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SU!: Business Builder Task: Write a Press Release

SUDSOL Leadership Board-2

  15 Minute Business Builder Task  Write a Press Release

Free Advertising!Did you know that you can get free advertising by writing press releases and sending them to your local newspaper?
Spend 15 minutes today writing a press release.
What is a press release? It's a pseudo-news story, written in third person that seeks to demonstrate the newsworthiness of a particular person, event, service or product. So say you're doing a card event to stamp cards to send to soldiers, that's a great news worthy event. New catalog, mini, sales, etc! All are great reasons for a press relase.
What should it contain?

The 5 W's (Who, What, Where, When & Why).  To be newsworthy ask yourself - Why would I care?  Why is this important?  This needs to be clearly visible in the press release
Your headline should be an attention grabber.  The headline should show the reports right away how the announcement affects their audience.
It should be no longer than one page. 
Include a photo of a stamped item as an eye-catcher.
Most people will only read the first paragraph, so it is the most important paragraph and should contain the most significant information with everything getting less important as you read further.
Make sure your press release has been spell checked!


Stampin Up! has several press release templates on their website here: (login to the SU! demo website to access)

Web resources on how to write a press release:
There are LOTs more, just google "How to write a press release"

Other low to no-cost advertising ideas can be found on SUDSOL here.

Business Share

Share your press release with the group! We would love to see what you wrote!  
Taking Time for Business

Time is a manmade concept. It’s a little hard to swallow sometimes, particularly since everything in our lives seems to revolve around it. Many times you hear excuses that there just isn’t enough time in the day to build your business.
Each day SUDSOL recommends one 15 minute task to work on to help build your business. These are achievable tasks that you absolutely can do.
Take 15 minutes from your lunch break, after dinner, before heading to work, or some other time that works into your schedule – and tackle just one small task to help build your business!



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