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SU!: BST-My Technique Geek Class Files

Barb Mullikin

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Start preparing for next year, add a Technique Class to your schedule.
I have been teaching Technique Geeks classes for
nearly five years now and I have created a collection of
115 instruction cards ready for you to print out.

***You will find the paypal links and all information on my blog HERE.  
or if you prefer, reply to this email and I can send you a paypal invoice
or you can pay via credit card.

You can use these files to hold your own Technique classes
or to learn some fun new techniques.  These classes generate
a lot of sales for me and have remained my most
popular class to date.
I have attached a photo for you of what my customers make in class.

You do not need to be a demonstrator to make use
of these files, however, if you are a demonstrator,
this is a tax deduction for your business.
You will receive via email:
*The printable instruction cards that you see in the photo. (they print 4 to a sheet)
You print these out on your choice of card stock
*A .pdf file with all the photos of the greeting cards and
technique cards I have created for each class
*The cover document that you can personalize with your contact info.  
My first release (43 techniques)  $19.95
My second release (24 techniques) $14.95
My third release (24 techniques) $14.95
My fourth release (24 techniques) $14.95
Purchase all four for only $57.95

Paypal buttons are on my BLOG HERE.

*Please note that these are NOT photographed step-by-step tutorials.  If I provided step-by-step photo tutorials
for all 118 techniques, the cost for these files would be in the hundreds of dollars.
I have spent hundreds of hours researching these techniques
practicing the techniques, creating the files and creating the samples I use in class
Barb Mullikin
Stampin' Up! Manager
307-673-4760 / Cell 307-752-3037
My Stampin' Up! blog
Place your orders online anytime at
Barb Mullikin