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SU!: ADMIN: Coming Soon... A replacement for Yahoogroups

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Keep your eyes open for some exciting changes COMING SOON to SUDSOL...
We'll be rolling out a replacement to the Yahoogroups.  This new system will
provide the following improvements to SUDSOL:

-        Ability to interact with other members on the SUDSOL website in a
forum format

-        Or interact completely via email if you prefer!

-        Subscribe to just the sections you're interested in  - Creative,
Business, Swaps, Product Q&A's, BST, etc.

-        Get individual mails or digest for each section independently (pick
digest for one section and individual mail for another)

-        Ability for all members to be able to see/access the pictures -
whether you're on digest or not

-        And more!

We're really excited about this change and hope you will be too!  Most of
our program coordinators have already tried it out and they loved it!  

Here is a little sneak peek of what it looks like.

Stay tuned for more information as we work on rolling out this change later
next week!

Coleen & Patti

SUDSOL Leadership Board
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