SLB 2018 Holiday Catalog Stamp Set Swap

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SLB 2018 Holiday Catalog Stamp Set Swap

Have you preordered from the 2018 Holiday Catalog?  Start planning now to participate in the SLB 2018 Holiday Catalog Swap. (SLB stands for SUDSOL Leadership Board.) At present, we have 14 participants creating a total of 28 swaps. You still have plenty of time - swaps must be in my hands by Sept 12th.

SWAP NAME: SLB 2018 Holiday Catalog Stamp Set Swap
SWAP HOSTESS: Bobbie Ganley
SWAP ADDRESS: 8506 Blackcastle Dr, San Antonio,  Texas 78254

• 2018 Holiday Catalog Stamp Sets
• Use current SU! products only (no retired product)
• You may use other current catalog stamps to coordinate with your assigned set. However the images from your assigned set should be the main focus rather than previously released stamps.
• Check with me before you use non-SU! Embellishments.
• Demonstrator quality work with multiple layers and at least one embellishment preferred.
• Remember we want to showcase these to our customers and use them for ideas so please take your time and create something that you would be proud to show your customers.
• Card fronts must be labeled with your name and recipe.
Email me your top 3 choices of stamp sets and how many you want to make
at  (or click the link at the top of this message).
THE COUNT: (10 + 1), (20 + 1) OR 2 different sets of (10+1) (different designs) OR multiples of previously mentioned quantities.  No more than (20 + 1) of any single design.  The +1's are mandatory and are sent to the SLB for SUDSOL RAK's.  I do not keep them.  
SIZE: The preferred size is 4 ¼” x 5 ½” – card fronts. Many members convert these swaps into full cards.   If your design cannot be easily trimmed to layer on a regular card base please make your swap slightly smaller (4 1/8” x 5 3/8”). If you do submit a slightly smaller swap so that it can be layered on a full card base please include your recommendations for color of card base in the recipe. If you have questions about what types of swaps cannot be trimmed please let me know and I’ll find some examples.  If you prefer to send full cards or if your design requires the full card, that is fine.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Enclose your cards in a large ziploc baggie, labeled with your name/address and the quantity +1 of cards that you have submitted.  You need to use a large ziplock baggie even if you put all your swaps in individual cello envelopes.  Your return swaps may not all have cello envelopes so the ziplock bag will protect them. Each swap card needs to have the entire recipe on it along with the swappers name/contact info. Please consider enclosing your swaps in individual cellos if you have embellishments that might wander or stick to adjacent swaps.  I reuse cellos from swap to swap so additional cost is minimal.
Be sure you email me ( your top 3 choices of stamp sets and how many swaps you want to make.

If you are unsure you can let me know after you decide but understand that I will limit the number of swappers using a particular set, so choose your set as soon as possible. I will confirm via email each person that has signed up with their assigned set(s) and you will get timely updates/status reports etc.  If you're unsure about your swap card, send a picture to the sudsol group or the swap coordinator for input, as we're all very willing to help improve each other’s cards.

NOTES:  All cards submitted will be scanned for the SUDSOL website, so be sure to label your cards with your name and the ENTIRE card recipe.  

Send them to me however you want to ensure they make it to me by the swap out date.  For your returned swaps, include a pre-addressed shipping label and priority stamp preferred. (If you are sending me a priority stamp you don't need to send me the mailer - I get those free from the postal service).  Otherwise a self-addressed, stamped mailer along with 2 extra stamps must be sent with your swap so that I can return the swap to you.  

Items not postmarked by this DEADLINE will be returned to the sender unopened if they are not received by the swap-out date. Non-CONUS swappers, please mail yours as soon as possible, at least 5 days before the postmark date.  You must email the swap host at when you have mailed your swaps out.  

SWAP OUT DATE: September 12th.
RETURN MAIL OUT DATE: September 13th.   If they all arrive sooner, I'll swap & mail them out sooner.

Bobbie Ganley
8506 Blackcastle Dr
San Antonio, TX 78254