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Chris Occhipinti

Thank you so much!
I hope everyone has a peaceful and safe week, and for those of us in the States, Happiest of Thanksivings!


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Hello everyone,
A big thank you to all who shared this week. Happy Recruiting. Our winner this week is Chris Occhipinti.

Our question this week is:
What is the number one thing you should NEVER say to a recruit?
I would never say: you can always drop in three months’ time.
You’ll make TONS of money and go on a company-paid cruise every year.
Never Say: Tell your downline, “If you don’t have our product but you have a similar one from a box store, use that at your workshop!”
There is very little work involved.
Never tell them they will eventually be able to quit their day job because of all the money they will make with Stampin’ Up!
Never tell them. “You’ll save so much money by making your own greeting cards.” LOL
"Don't rely on your friends and family to make your sales minimums for you. Everyone wants to be supportive, but your love of crafting isn't always theirs."
Never say "it's an easy way to earn money"

Charlotte Lindmeier
Question of the Week

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