REMINDER: SUDSOL Weekly May 7-13

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REMINDER: SUDSOL Weekly May 7-13

Kim Innis

You can view the current SUDSOL Weekly online, anytime! Save this link

Don’t forget the SUDSOL Instant Icon Builder is available for your use to input product images on your blog! Check it out here!

Also –watch your email or the forum each Tuesday for the Weekly Deals email – an image premade for you to share on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc., with all the Stampin’ Up! Weekly Deals!

Business Chat – Wednesday May 9 @ 7:00 pm Mountain Time

Using Facebook Live to Build Your Business

Want to join the chat using your iPad or Tablet?

Just click on the link in the chat room to get a mobile friendly version


Technique Challenge—STC 1918 – Dappled Watercolor Background

This week’s Challenge is called Dappled Watercolor Background. A video tutorial courtesy of Beth Rush from Chicago can be found on SUDSOL here.

Pin your creation to one of your SUDSOL boards with the tag STC 1918, so I can find it. If we have at least 5 samples, I can select a winner and give away one week of free SUDSOL time (time will be added to the winner’s membership).

Happy challenge,

Jeanne Walsh, SUDSOL Technique Challenge Coordinator

SUDSOL Design Challenge – SDC 508 – Make a Difference Stamp Set

Your challenge this week is to design a card using the Make a Difference stamp set for the greeting.

One of the Stampin’ Up! Artisan Design team members, Sarah Lancaster starts us out with this wonderful sampler of four cards with sayings she created with this stamp set. Does this give you some ideas?

I found it was really hard to tell what the small letters were so I stamped each of them with red ink to give the stamp a little color. If you haven’t taken them off the sheet yet, just ink all of them up at once and stamp them. I think this will also reduce the stickiness of the image side of the stamp. I found them sticking to my fingers while I was picking up a different stamp. Hope this helps someone enjoy this set.

Now…let’s see your creativity. Create a card using the Make a Difference stamp set and pin it to one of your pin boards. Be sure to tag it with SDC508. If you don’t have this set yet, you can do an internet search and tag a card from there that was created with the Make a Difference set.

Happy designing and pinning,

Sue Erickson, SUDSOL Design Challenge coordinator

New PIN to WIN program – A Mother’s Flair

Get ready for the new PIN to WIN program! Each week I will pick a stamp set to focus on and encourage you to participate by finding samples for this stamp set and pinning them to SUDSOL. This week’s stamp set is: A Mother’s Flair

So go out and find samples shared on the web with each week's stamp set and pin them to SUDSOL! The samples can even be items you've made yourself if you like! The idea is to have a good selection of samples shared for each week's stamp set so everyone can benefit from the fantastic ideas. What's the WIN part? Well, each week I'll pick a random pin to reward the person who pinned it with a week of free SUDSOL. Play every week and have a chance to get your SUDSOL membership totally free! You get one entry for every new pin you make. Sorry, re-pinning from items already on SUDSOL doesn't count.

Question of the Week

What do you think will be the easiest sell in the new catalog?

Please send your response using QOTW as a subject to the Business Section of the SUDSOL Forum.

Fifteen Minute Business Builder Tasks

· May 7: Take 15 minutes today and create a priority To Do List for the week

· May 8: Take 15 minutes today and plan a week’s worth of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and/or Twitter posts. Be ready to post them!

· May 9: Take 15 minutes today to remind your customers that now is the time to sign up and get started!

· May 10: Take 15 minutes today and read an article from the SUDSOL business section that pertains to the area that you wish to learn about

· May 11: Take 15 minutes today and send the 5 Birthday cards you stamped earlier in the month.

· May 12: Take 15 minutes today and prepare 5 catalogs with your business card, class information, a letter about you and your passion for stamping. Then think about 5 places you can drop them off.

· May 13: We wish you the best on this wonderful holiday!

SUDSOL BINGO for May 2018

Download the bingo card here: http:/

If you have any questions or comments please email them to:

Have a good week!

SUDSOL Weekly Coordinator