Preparing for next tax time

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Preparing for next tax time

Lois Folla

Hi Everyone!


I realize I’m late to answering this question, but as I was ‘filing’ something I thought I would share my new way of doing things. Since we are in between homes, renting an apt, I decided to change how I do my paperwork. Many of you may already do this, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to go this way or just do it for now, but I love my new change and feel very comfortable with it.


I’m used to a filing cabinet, but since we are ‘in between’ living, I am using my filing cabinet to store my cardstock, so hum… what do I do with all of my receipts, COF for myself, Demo Forms, Exchange or Return forms.. etc? Well, I scan everything in or instead of printing I change it to SAVE as PDF.


I have one file for SU Taxes 2020 for example. And I call each form I save or scan by the name of it is, Staples Office, Post Office, Demo Order, etc and then put the date 2020 04 20. I do not create different folders in this one file. I can clearly see all my Staple receipts and COF as I name them the same but put the date of purchase.


I can’t see going back to printing out like I did. I’m not a tree hugger, but that does not mean I want to waste paper. Just make sure you back up your PC with two external drives so you don’t lose your things or then, you will be screwed!!!  LOL


So after doing SU! For 20 years, I’ve finally made doing taxes easy!!!  LOL

I have a printer that also scans, and then I recycle the papers.


Feel free to add what you do or any suggestions.

Thank you!





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