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Power Hours to help your business

Charlotte Lindmeier
Our Question this week was:
What are you doing during your Power Hours to help your business or creativity?

I'm (finally) working on preparing handouts to give to all I meet re my various classes that are just getting underway in the new community we moved to in December.   Covid-19 hasn’t helped me in getting the word out but the new spring newsletter from the community, plus my power hour mini flyers will help get my name out there.  When the fliers are done I’ll work on the class content.  My brain runneth over with ideas in this brand new venue!
Power Hours work well if you need to get a lot done or just need to get started. Here are some ideas:

Follow up calls to customers
Organizing your craft area
Cleaning your craft area
Doing your weekly or monthly paper work
Planning your next class, workshop, make n take, Open House, stamp a stack etc.
Making fliers
Writing newsletter
Learning a new technique
Writing directions for a project
Making samples
Sorting customer orders
Filling in your calendar
Work on your advertising
Make videos
You can even make cold calls for 15 minutes
There are so many other ideas you can come up with

Charlotte Lindmeier
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