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Blythe Klipple

Tuesday Updates

September 2, 2014

In an effort to help you keep track of promotions, campaigns, and other announcements throughout the year, we are announcing new and upcoming events every Tuesday.


New This Week


Paper Pumpkin

Paper Pumpkin: Get a FREE gift-when you sign up one new subscriber between September 2-10. Click here to learn more. Remember, new subscribers can use Promo Code, HALFOFF2, to get 50% off the first two months.

2014 Holiday Supplement

The holiday catalog has been a hit so far, but we're thinking that it really isn't possible to have too much of a good thing! So this year we're going to give you a little end-of-year boost by offering some additional Christmas-themed products in a small, printed publication-the 2014 Holiday Supplement.

Weekly Deals

Be sure to check out this week's Weekly Deals and share them with your customers! See them here.

Previously Posted

Paper Pumpkin

There's a new report available to help Paper Paper customers! To access this report, simple go to, sign in, and click on My Customers.


Now you can see start dates, email addresses and more!

Holiday Catalog


We anticipate that a few items may go on backorder shortly after the release of the holiday catalog on August 28. Be sure to keep an eye on the Backorder Report as you make plans for upcoming events.

Unite and Excite

Registration ends on August 29 for those events taking place from September 5-7 and on September 5 for those events taking place from September 11-13. Space is limited so don't delay-register today!

The following cities are considered "Filled to Capacity."


Portland, OR

Festus (Arnold), MO

Littleton, CO

Plymouth, MN

Livermore, CA

Bartlett, IL

Wilkew-Barre, PA

Chesapeake, VA

Upcoming Webinar

We've found good leaders do five things consistently: communicate, inspire, empower, unify, and celebrate. We call these our Five Pillars of Leadership, and we're featuring a series of webinars illuminating best practices from our top leaders who shine in these areas. Join us for the Communicate webinar on Monday, September 8, at 4:00 PM (MT). Click here to register.