PROGRAM: UPDATES: March 5, 2014: Wrap-Up of Stampin' Up! Open House

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PROGRAM: UPDATES: March 5, 2014: Wrap-Up of Stampin' Up! Open House

Blythe Klipple

Wrap-Up of Stampin' Up! Open House

March 5, 2014

Our Stampin' University Open House was awesome, and we want to thank everyone who participated! Thanks also to everyone who filled out the survey during the open house. If your name is listed below you were randomly selected as one of our open-house winners and your prize is on its way to you. Enjoy!

Although the open house is over, Stampin' University is always open-and we hope you visit us often!  Whether you're looking for motivating webinars, informational videos, up-to-date product information, or the perfect advice from Professor Penny, you can find it at Stampin' University! This new training resource offers invaluable information for every demonstrator-from the newest recruit to our most experienced leader.

Here's what a few demonstrators shared after visiting the Stampin' University Open House:

This is a great way to engage not only new demonstrators but veteran ones as well.  We all get bogged down from time to time and tend to forget things. . . .This is an excellent way to learn or re-learn!  It is very user friendly, which will make it a much more useful resource! Thank you! 
-Patricia Hickman

This is a fantastic addition to the demonstrator website. I have loved everything Stampin' Up! has to offer their demonstrators, but this takes the cake. Thanks for adding this to our toolbox! 
- Nicole Mahler

Love the opening page and how easy it is to navigate to the area of training I would like to go to!
- Goldie Shaul

We are thrilled that so many of you are enjoying Stampin' University! Click here to visit Stampin' University and learn everything you need to know to be an even more amazing demonstrator.

Congratulations to these lucky prize winners!

Nicole Mahler
Patricia Hickman
Goldie Shaul
Chabot Jasmine
Maloney Carole
Kathy Schoen
Marcia Weimer
Michelle Breton
Jacqueline M Ehn
Emily Aubin
Lynn Johnston
Kaitlyn McAndrew
Stephanie Nash
Arlene Ross
Susan C Gudmunson
Angela Pyjas
Michele Force
Faulba B Dorsett
Cheryl Sommers
Kaitlyn Suzanne Zumbach
Margie Geisler
Carmen Ramirez
Kayla Szymanski
Sandra Kay Govro
Calene Higgins
Penny Hanuszak
sarah alvanos
Sue McNeill
Mary E Beck
Allison Hazeltine rice
Carrie Whitney-Butts
Jennifer Weide
Mary Elsbury
Wanda Seegraves
Susan J Dunn
Patti Corriere
Regina Ann Stewart
Teresa Pochapsky
Rita Lynn Stephens
Cindy McCool
Denise A Henke
Janice Wood
Dianne Eure
Stacey Schneider
Colleen Vassos
Melinda Clove
Marilyn Peasley
Barbara A Arnold
Susanne Gleason
Karen Mills
Stacey Reddies
Francis Koop
Julia Miller
Jeannine Lettiere
Susan Root
Laurie Meyer
Pamela Smollen
Susan Armstrong
Linda Lee-Northrup
Nancy Brown
Paula Magnus
Diane Browning
Anita Towns
Nancy Juliano
Larissa Pittman
Faith K. Welch
Karen Dentler
Patty Ellwanger
Teri Haux
Jennifer Kay
Heather Faldmo
Shirley Nohava
Bronwyn Morgan
Shanna Lynn McLaughlin
Rhonda Morgan
Barb Hendrickson
Diana Harn
Cindi Thurmond
Mary Mcneely
Donna R. Miller
France's Hum
Belinda Johnson
Amanda Frankel
Amy Johnson
Angela Khan
Jacquel Bowman
Paulette Ann Dunn
Mary Hall
Kristin Chowanec
Brittany Koltys
Sarah Stanton
Constance Arafat
Elizabeth M. Harris
Jane DeBlasio
Maureen Gold
Barbara Thompson
Bonnie Crawford
Sonja Bubolz
Carol Rosengren
Angela Bodas
Kristi Forsythe
Debra Farquhar
Leclerc Nathalie
Ena Noriega Gonzalez

Blythe Klipple
Updates Coordinator