PROG: Weekly Pinterest Challenge #6 - Snow

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PROG: Weekly Pinterest Challenge #6 - Snow

Pam Staples

This SUDSOL program held you consistently post to your Pinterest page by issuing a weekly challenge!

A tad late today but we’ve been dealing with sick kiddos and daddy!  We’ve been hit with the stomach bug…  YUCK!  Share your Snow related creation and help cheer up my household.

This week’s challenge is:  Snow

Pin any SU! sample you’ve made featuring a  SNOW Theme to your Pinterest page.  Make a NOTE on the pin that it’s for the SUDSOL Weekly Pinterest Challenge #6, then send us a link to the pin (email:  We’ll re-pin it (or verify that it has been pinned) to the SUDSOL Pinterest Challenge Page.  

What does Snow mean to you?  It could be a card featuring “Snowflakes,” a Scrapbook Page featuring snow related activities, a snowflake ornament and so much more…  You choose and share your idea of SNOW.

Again, after you have PINNED your creation, send us a LINK to your PIN (email:  We will then re-pin or verify that your project is properly pinned to the SUDSOL Pinterest Challenge Board.  This also helps expand YOUR exposure on Pinterest.

If we have 5 pins for the week, one LUCKY WINNER will win a FREE week of SUDSOL!  I hope to be giving out a LOT of FREE SUDSOL weeks so start pinning today but don’t forget to send an email to so we know about your pin!

SUDSOL Pinterst Coordinator
Pam Staples
Pam Staples

SUDSOL Pinterest Coordinator