One of SUDSOL’s BEST Resources

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One of SUDSOL’s BEST Resources

Jeanne Moss

If you’ve been a SUDSOL member for very long, you already know just how many great resources are available for your use.

In my opinion, one of the best SUDSOL resources is the Catalog Product Files.  This file lists EVERYTHING in the catalog.  Each listing includes item number, page number, description, price, and so much more!

It’s even in an Excel spreadsheet so you can sort it any way you want.  It’s perfect to have available when writing blog posts, tutorials, preparing for classes, etc., as it’s so easy to find anything you’re looking for without flipping through the pages of your catalog.

Reminder:  This file is available for SUDSOL members ONLY and must not be shared!

Jeanne Moss
Business Article Librarian