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On Stage Live SUDSOL Gift Exchange

Are you planning to attend On Stage Live 2017 this November in Salt Lake City? If so, start planning now to participate in the Gift Exchange at the SUDSOL gathering during On Stage Live 2017. This is probably the easiest swap you’ll do this year.  Just make one gift in the $5.00 to $10.00 range. That’s it – done - easy peasy!
Date & Time of gift exchange
• Friday, November 10, 2017
•12:00 but drop off the gift as soon as you arrive in the lunch area. I’ll have a table with a sign on it and  
           some helpers checking you in and keeping watch over the items
• Must be hand-stamped/hand-crafted using current merchandise found in the current catalog dated June 2017 to May 2018 or the Handmade from the Holiday catalog.  You can use other material in your creation only if Stampin’ Up! does not sell anything like it.
• Gift should be in the $5.00 to $10.00 range.
• Recipe is not required, but include your name and contact information in case the recipient has questions.
• Gifts should NOT be wrapped.
• Anything goes.  In the past, we’ve had covered notebooks, desk sets, bird houses, jewelry, picture frames, decorated boxes, coasters, wall art, bulletin/magnet boards, card sets in creative packaging - you get the idea. Just remember that you must transport your gift to convention and the recipient must transport it home so that a beautifully decorated five-gallon waste basket is probably NOT a good choice!

Next steps
• Sign up by sending me an email (bobbieganley@yahoo.com) and include your contact information, i.e. your name and email address.
• You do not need to tell me what you are making but I’d like to know how many are planning to participate in the exchange; hence, the request to sign up.
• I will send reminders with names to date on a weekly basis via SUDSOL.  This way you can verify that I have you on the list and your contact information is correct.  Participating so far -
   Bobbie Ganley (bobbieganley@yahoo.com)  210-452-6694
   Blythe Kipple ( blythek@mac.com) 209-352-1059
   Ann Lohmeyer (AnnStamps@ATT.Net)
   Linda Pugh 361-215-5126
   Janell Belcher (janellsladybugstudio@gmail.com) 830-534-0192

• No deadline for signing up, I would just like to have a good idea of how many plan to participate...

•Exchange will occur during the SUDSOL lunchtime gathering. Approximately 12:00, drop off the gift at the table with the SUDSOL Gift Exchange sign & have your name checked off the list.
***If you would like to help run this gift exchange let me know.***  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email, telephone, or text.  My email is bobbieganley@yahoo.com and cell number for calling and/or text is 210-452-6694.  

I look forward to meeting each of you in Salt Lake City.

Bobbie Ganley