On Stage Live 2017 SUDSOL Lunchtime Gathering

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On Stage Live 2017 SUDSOL Lunchtime Gathering

Hi All,

Are you signed up for On Stage Live in Salt Lake City?  Please plan to come to the SUDSOL Gathering.

Who:  All SUDSOL members & friends of members

When:    Friday, Nov 10th at lunchtime (11:30 per SU!'s agenda)
              Approx time for Gift Exchange: 12:00
                                      Group Picture: 12:15
                                      Card Front Swap: 12:20 (right after group photo)

Where:  Back right corner of the lunch area.  Grab your box lunch and look for the SUDSOL signs.
            We'll do our best to grab several tables. If you are attending with non-SUDSOL friends, bring
            them along. If we can't get enough tables, find a seat close by.

What:   Reconnect with old friends and make new ones.  Meet your fellow SUDSOLers – put faces
            to the names you see every day.  I'll have a little gift for attendees, so if you don't sit with us
            be sure to find me and say Hi.

Group Photo:  We’ll all squeeze together to update the picture on the SUDSOL homepage.

Card Front Swap:  The amazingly organized Blythe Klipple is leading this swap and has been posting details. (sign ups closed). Swap will occur right after the group photo.

Fancy Fold Swap:  This is a great way to get ideas for class/stamp camp  projects.  
Bobbie Ganley is leading this swap. It will be held 8:00 Friday morning before the Opening Session. (sign ups closed).  If you are walking by stop a second to say Hi!

General Swapping - Not everyone signs up for organized swaps. It's a safe bet that many SUDSOLERs will still be doing general swapping during lunch on Friday.

Gift Exchange:  Bring one (unwrapped) hand-stamped gift in the $5- $10 range.   Find the Gift Exchange Table when you arrive at lunchtime. We’ll put all the gifts on a table and number them. Those who bring a gift will draw a number and receive the corresponding gift.  In the past we’ve had boxes, cards, picture frames, bulletin boards, birdhouses, journals, coasters, scarves, jewelry…you get the idea.  Just remember that you need to get the gift to SLC and the recipient needs to get it home so that gigantic stamped flower pot may not be the best idea! We'll do the gift exchange at approximately 12:00.

How can YOU help?  We’re looking for volunteers for the following:

Organize the Gift Exchange
Help save tables