On Stage 3D Treat Swap in Orlando

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On Stage 3D Treat Swap in Orlando

SWAP NAME: 2018 On Stage 3D Treat Swap  
SWAP HOSTESS: Bobbie Ganley bobbieganley@yahoo.com

REQUIREMENTS: This is a decorative treat/treat holder with treat included swap.  The treat is something edible (this includes things like tea & chewing gum, as well as candy & snacks).

• Use current SU! products only (no retired product).
• Ask me before you use any Non-SU! Embellishments.  
• Demonstrator quality work with multiple layers and at least one embellishment.
• I will limit the type – so that we don’t get all pizza box treat holders or tea in every treat. So let me know your idea as soon as possible.
• Include the recipe on a separate piece of paper from the treat holder.
• Have your treat item and recipe enclosed in a cello or baggie. Each treat in it’s own cello.
• Considerations – don’t make them too fragile. You have to get them to On Stage and we have to get them home.

I don’t want to try to set a $ value to the treat, but as an example, a couple Hershey kisses or nuggets would be too small, in my opinion.  I will limit the number of Christmas themed treats since we won’t have much time after On Stage to work these ideas into classes or workshops. Other themes are birthday, get well, Valentines Day, Easter. Treat holders don’t have to have a theme – could be something you could give a neighbor or co worker any time of the year. No Halloween treats please.
THE COUNT: 12, This may change depending on the level of participation, with a max of 15 and a min of 10. If you want to be in more than one group let me know. The treat holder will need to be different for each group.

WHEN: Friday, November 9th 8:00 am (30 minutes before the main stage doors open). We may change this time/location as we learn more about the event – maybe 7:45 would be better?)

WHERE: Not knowing the layout, I am going to say we will do this to the right of wherever SU! had the check-in activities going on. If there is no space to the right of the registration area, look in the general area.  I will have signs. I’ll also give you my phone number so we can text info. Please provide your mobile phone number if texting is ok or let me know if you don’t text.