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Newsletter update

Newsletter Co-op Coordinator
Hello Contributing Authors,

I know we have been going through so tough times this month with emails being returned or those I have sent, never being received. I want the newsletter to run smoothly and not cause stress.
Until we figure out the email issues, if you are going to request a topic please try and create a post to me on the board/forum (I will login every day to check), after I have seen your message and confirmed with you by replying then maybe we can have the post deleted (if space is an issue for the board).

I have found a way for you to send me your articles without it having to go through email or Facebook. You can upload them to  You do not need an account to upload your files  And after I have received your file I will upload it to SUDSOL and once all articles have been received access will be granted to those who have contributed.

Thank you all again for your understanding

Newsletter Facebook group -
Article DropBox -

***this is a copy of an email I sent out - posting here to make sure it has been seen***
Costa Marazita
Stampin' Up Demonstrator
Markham, Ontario