New Year, New Goals - We need you!

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New Year, New Goals - We need you!

Patti Scanlan
It's that time of year - resolutions, goals, etc.  
Have you set any for your business?

Did you know SUDSOL has a program to help? The Accountability Partners

Joyce Pacer has been coordinating this program for quite some time, and is needing to step down. We are looking for a new coordinator to facilitate it!  

What's required? The coordinator would be responsible for sending out sign up emails, setting partners, and keeping in touch with participants to be sure they are contacting each other, etc.

Its a great way to help yourself and others achieve their goals
Sound like something you can do?? Let me know!!

What is the Accountability Partners?
It is a program to help you stay accountable for reaching your goals for the quarter.  Goals help you to stay on task for your business.  Without them, you go in circles.  The best of goals are useless if you do not work to obtain them.

How will the program help you?
When you have someone to report your success or failures to, you will tend to keep that goal in mind and set aside the time to work toward it.  After all, none of us like to report that we did not do our job!
Partners can give each other suggestions to help each other reach their goal.
You get to know other demonstrators and make new friends.

Patti Scanlan Fort Peck, Montana