Need help with a blog signature a.s.a.p.

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Need help with a blog signature a.s.a.p.

Blythe Klipple

I need a quick and ‘dirty’ blog post signature for the person who’s going to take over a community blog I run after we move away.   I just tried to make one using My Memory Suite (replacement for MDS) but I don’t know how to make it in a small size.  I’m using a local scenic photo, made it opaque and then superimposed his name over it.  But……it wants to give me the entire page rather than just the image.

Recommendations?  I’m not the sharpest needle in the pack for this skill.  Here’s my photo and his name is Gregory in case you’d like to try something and send it to me.  Otherwise, give me clues and I’ll work on it.  I had put the photo in an oval ‘talking bubble’.  We can talk if you can give me some (big) hints.

Many thanks for your clues and tips,