Monthly SIMB/SUDSOL Article - Three Low-Cost Ways To Advertise

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Monthly SIMB/SUDSOL Article - Three Low-Cost Ways To Advertise

John Sanpietro

Three Low-Cost Ways To Advertise

by John Sanpietro, CMC(IAC)
Stamping Is My Business!

I think it goes without saying that advertising your business should be a key component of any stamping business owner's marketing strategy.

Without advertising, things take a lot longer to happen.

Problem is, most people don't have a large advertising budget.  

Understandable, but if you can find even a little bit of money, the three advertising methods I detail below should be considered.

Each of them should actually make you money over time, rather than cost you, and they will allow you to grow your business larger, faster.

1. Classified Ads
While they're not as effective as display advertising in newspapers and magazines, classified ads do have their proponents.  They're also available for a fraction of the cost of even the smallest display ads.  

If you do a classified ad, make sure you place it for at least three to six months in a row, and make sure you are advertising a compelling, easy offer that matches your audience.

2. Local Websites
Even though advertising on a national website can be pricey, advertising on smaller, local websites can be surprisingly affordable.

If you decide to go this route, make sure to get a professional to design the display ad and, again, present a great offer that will appeal to this audience specificalliy.

3. Direct Mail

Although it's not the least expensive strategy here, direct mail can be VERY effective if you're marketing locally.  To do this, you would have to purchase a mailing list, and send out the mailpiece (usually, a postcard).

Even a small 500-piece mailing can yield pretty impressive results.  You'll probably end up spending a total of $1/person on that mailing, but if your postcard is designed will, and your offer is compelling, you don't need many people to respond to make that investment back and then some!

Keep In Mind
Whatever advertising you do, always make sure it's trackable.  Create unique squeeze or landing pages for each campaign, so you can track how many people actually responded.  Then, create unique product links so you can tell exactly how many people actually purchased.

When you know you have a winner, scale it up.  Invest more money into the second wave and see what your results are.  Keep scaling up until you see your overall results start to dip.  For example, if your campaigns are regularly yielding you $3 for every $1 you spend, keep scaling up until you see that $3 dip.  Pull it back to the last level and keep going there to see if you can maintain that ROI.

All advertising is risky, but if you're looking to really grow your business beyond a certain point, it's a necessary risk.

If you ever need any specific advice or assistance, please don't hesitate to let me know.

To your success!
Warmest regards,


John Sanpietro
Certified Master Coach (Int'l Association of Coaches)
Stamping Is My Business!

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