Looking for 'good samaritan angel' near Canby Oregon

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Looking for 'good samaritan angel' near Canby Oregon

Blythe Klipple

Would anyone near Canby Oregon have the discontinued Christmas Countdown stamp set (151833) (that goes with the Christmas Countdown KIT), that they would be interesting in selling or loaning to an 80 year old customer of my sister Janet Smith???  Edwina (80 yr old customer/friend) has 3 of the countdown kits that she wants to make up for special children in her life.  For obvious reasons (like CUTE) she’d like to be able to stamp the boxes as shown in the kits she recently received that still contain the old instructions!  She can’t drive too far to get it which is why I say we’re looking for an angel in the area.

Janet is s Sudsol member but is having trouble sending to the group currently and she’s not receiving mail as well.  She and Patti are working on a solution to that problem.  In the meantime I’m the mouthpiece.  You can respond directly to her though please:  janetstamps@pacbell.net

Thanks so much,

Blythe Klipple, Boise ID

blythek@mac.com (Sudsol) blythe@StampingWithBlythe.com (my biz)
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