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Like to stamp? Get free SUDSOL

SUDSOL Leadership Board

Did you know SUDSOL stands for Simply Unique Demonstrators SHARING online?  


The more we share, the better community we make.  As a community, members who actively participate by sharing receive SUDSOL for free.   With the change to the new catalog, we have a great opportunity for members to earn free SUDSOL time.  We would like to update our patterns, techniques, outlines to use stamp sets from the new main catalog so these items  are current for the next year.


Limited opportunity, even trial members can participate and earn additional free SUDSOL time!

Take Action Now!  Here's how:
There are two ways you can select an article to update:
1) Go to this section of the SUDSOL website and select any article there, they have all been flagged for needing an update:
2) Peruse the SUDSOL website and find any article that needs an update because the stamp set(s) have retired.

Once you have seleted an article you wish to update, email us at the link/URL for the article and we'll mark it so noone else selects it.   First-come, first-serve.


(Typically we provide a free week for an updated sample and a free month for an updated step-by-step tutorial with pictures. )


Have Questions?

Contact Us!

Coleen & Patti

SUDSOL Leadership Board

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SUDSOL Leadership Board
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