Let's Start 2021 With Some Updated Patterns!

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Let's Start 2021 With Some Updated Patterns!

Debra  Brown
Our pattern section is amazing!  We have so many wonderful cards, bags, 3-D, gifts, etc, BUT many of them are looking a little dated.  That's where you my talented SUDSOL friends some in!  Help me update the following patterns with either pictures or a completely new tutorail and for your skill and effort you will be rewarded with FREE SUDSOL time.  
How great is that?  You will save money on SUDSOL, create a great class for you to hold AND possibly have a gift to give out when the occassion comes up.  WIN, WIN, WIN!

Now who can help with the following?

1) Pop Up Post-it Note Holder

2) Mini Bag

3) Mini Albums (think Assisted Living Resident)

4) Seed Packet

5) Stationary and Holder (again think Assisted Living Residents)

6) Embossed Quilt Note Cards

7) Gate Fold Easel Card

8) Folded Tree

9) Hopper Card

10) Diamond Fold Card

So who's ready to kick 2020 to the curb and start 2021 with some new patterns!?
Debra Brown, Plains, MT
Patterns Coordinator